Create a Social Media Plan for the Jewerly ecommerce company included in order

SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN –Research how to create a social media plan. company included in video. Develop a social media plan for the company and work with them this semester to improve and strategize their social media presence through content creation and consulting. This will allow you to gain real world social media experience. This could be a small business owned by someone or a large company. It could be an organization that a student has started on campus or one that is well known. Students will be asked to journal what they do for the company throughout the semester, implementing some of the things they learn during this class. Then they will write a report about what they learned from the experience and how they worked to improve the entity’s social media presence over the semester. More Rules * * Please cite at least five sources from your reading and lessons this semester, such as websites or journals and the article titles that you learned from or drew inspiration from when working on this social media project. * Tell us how this project personally affected you and what you learned from it? What would you do differently if you could do it again? What were you proud of? Describe how you changed their social media presence. * Share some of the important things you learned during the semester that you implemented. Cite website and journal articles in your response. ***** I will attach a video business plan from owner and pics of jewerly created. ** all sources must be american please no international and current dated!!