create the following visualizations

In PowerBl:
On Page 2, create the following visualizations: 1. Table Visualization: Add the following fields to the table: Product Code, Description; Units Sold; % of Grand Total. Format the Table Visual: Font: Segoe, Size of Data Values: 15 pt. Column Headers: 14 pt. Adjust columns as required to show data. Enter yes, if completed.
2. Clustered Bar Chart Visualization. Add the following fields to the chart: Product Code and Units Sold. Format the Data color: #893395, Theme color 4, 20% lighter. Enter yes, if completed.
3. Apply the following Filter to the Page to show the following products only
What is the total Units Sold for the 4 products? What is % of the Grand Total for the 4 products? Which of the 4 products (Product Code) has the highest total Units Sold? Which of the 4 products (Product Code) has the lowest total Units Sold?
PG4152, PJ1695, PQ3094, RP7355. Enter yes, if completed.
What is this number?
What is this number?

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