Criminal Justice Reform

You don’t want to just pick stuff at random! You should have a clear idea of what question you are trying to answer and how each source serves your purpose. No more than two of your sources should provide background information on your topic; the other four should explore the arguments within your discourse community and examine possible solutions to the problem you have identified.Assignment Details●    Annotated Bibliography of at least six sources = 4-5 pages●    Executive Summary = one single-spaced page●    For each of the sources you choose, include the following in your annotated bibliography:o    A citation, correctly formatted in APA, MLA, or another established style, depending upon the conventions and expectations of your field. (Although the genre of the bibliography is common to many disciplines, conventions for formatting and presentation vary. Part of your job is to identify and conform to the standards established for your discourse community.)o    A one-paragraph summary of the source’s contents. This section should be summary only; do not evaluate the source. It should be objective and factual, and entirely in your own words.o    An analysis of its rhetorical situation, including audience, purpose, and context. Basically, how do you know that this is a DC-specific text?o    A one-paragraph reflection on how the source fits in with your research purpose and in the rhetorical context of your discourse community. What is this particular article bringing to the debate that made you want to use it? How does it connect with, add to, or complicate the other sources you’ve chosen? How is it going to be useful to you in preparing your executive summary?●    Create a Synthesis Matrix (information on page 3) that demonstrates critical thinking of all six texts.●    After you have completed the Bibliography and Synthesis Matrix, write a one- page (single-spaced) Executive Summary of your findings.Other Requirements●    Your Annotated Bibliography Executive Summary should be formatted based on the conventions of your discourse community.The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines synthesis as “the composition or combination of parts or elements so as to form a whole.” In the Synthesis Matrix, you will place your six sources into conversation with your research question and with one another.