Criminal Minds Project

I had this paper that was typed but i was missed some stuff i need these added to the paper. I will also upload the paper that was already written. so read the paper first to get a understanding

Writes a nursing care plan including three priority nursing diagnoses with r/t and AEB factors.  4 You did not list any nursing diagnosis, please see notes on attached paper
Includes outcomes in NOC language and interventions in NIC language with a plan for evaluation. – 6 (One short-term and one long-term outcome for each nursing diagnosis, two nursing interventions for each outcome. Do not forget a plan for evaluation! How will you evaluate effectiveness?) This was not done at all, please see notes on attached paper
Identifies mental health resources that can be used with the patient or community. Includes an educational tool. – 4 (What type’s of resources are available to patients with your patient’s diagnosis – a good place to start your search is NAMI.ORG. What education information would you give to your patient or their family based on their diagnosis and treatment?) This was very general I would add more. Say for example a family member asked you Where can I go to get help? how would you answer this question?
Supports answers using academic resources, with citations in APA format. 2