Day 1: I feel bloated in my clothes today. It feels like

Day 1: I feel bloated in my clothes today. It feels like there’s a lot of pressure on my body. Although it is warm, I feel a little too much so I feel immobile. I think my clothes because more close-fitting, so the time of the operation there is no wear marks, on the contrary, a little bit of pressure marks. It was a cold day, so I chose this. I didn’t wear makeup or a hat that day because I was too lazy to go home and clean up after myself, so it was pretty casual. It’s a cold day, so I’m wearing this.The fabric is silk, denim and cotton. It’s very comfortable. I wore it to school because it was warm and I could take off the heavy down jacket when I got there. I feel really uncomfortable sometimes because it’s overwhelming.
Day 2:
Today’s dress is not particularly complicated, a high-necked undershirt and a sweater, and a torn jeans. Because the weather is not very cold so do not wear too much, so the overall feeling is very comfortable. It’s also easier to move without clothes interfering with it. But because there is still a little bit of cold wind, so ripped jeans sometimes feel a little bit cold or. I don’t think the clothes have been worn out all day, because I don’t think either of us has put too much of a burden on the other. Underclothing may be due to the body of the writhing constantly a little wrinkle and change shape it. Then because the sun is bigger so choose a hat, also chose a necklace bag as a match.
There’s denim, wool and fabric with pleat. Overall I feel the clothes are just right today, the weather is also very good so very comfortable. The sweater makes me feel safe. This Is Me and my friend go to the museum, so very casual.
Day 3:
I had a jacket accident today. It was a base jacket, a shirt and a pair of ordinary trousers. T he whole thing is still kind of tight. Then the back because the overall feeling is a bit too monotonous, so choose a more colorful texture of the coat as a match. The overall feeling is quite relaxed. But because the clothes inside are a little too tight, there will be some places to feel a certain amount of wear, such as underarm elbow and so on. And I didn’t do a lot of accessories today because I had to drive. Both the overall feel and the garment create a certain amount of pressure on both sides, and the garment has a slightly stiffer feel. Sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable because I feel like my clothes are restricting my movement in certain areas. The undergarment may be a bit wrinkled and changing shape because of the body’s writhing.I chose to wear it because I thought it would be too drab without the texture-rich jacket
Day 4:
Today because the weather did not say it was especially cold and do not want to wear too many clothes feel that the action will be very cold, so chose an oversize down shirt as the main jacket. But I felt that White was a little too drab, so I chose a pair of blue pants to go with it. Then because the collar of this shirt is larger if inside does not match something will be very strange, so choose a base coat. The overall feeling is still very comfortable to wear today, the movement is also relatively convenient in addition to the hand because of excessive fleeciness so sometimes to limit, the overall is quite comfortable. The weight of this part of the garment will cause the overall sense of SAG. Then also chose the color of the shoes and matching necklace, because they want to give their own wear a little more diversity. Which is why it works so well. It’s comfortable, I think. There doesn’t seem to be any excessive wear and tear because the shirt and pants are very loose. Underclothing may be due to the body of the writhing constantly a l ittle wrinkle and change shape it.
Day 5:
Today, I was at home all day so there was nothing particularly cold, so I just kept wearing very casual clothes. Just short sleeves and a pair of slacks. The whole thing is very loose, because I feel uncomfortable and inconvenient at home than I like to wear very tight clothes. Then feel no squeeze on the clothes in the city bar because it is still relatively loose. Then because it was still a little bit cold so wear a down vest, but also very comfortable very loose kind. And then nothing special, because at home,.
Day 6:
Today because the weather began to get hot, so I’m going to wear a little bit of summer. So I simply wore an oversize shirt. But the shirt has a special coloring that makes it glow at night and has a nice pattern. I chose a pair of yellow jeans in a different color from the top, with many successive moon patterns. I don’t want the rest of my body to be too drab, because it looks too big, and I don’t want it to look like I agree. So the hat I chose was a fisherman’s hat, and the shoes were different colors of sneakers. The overall look is relaxed and personal. It’s amazing how you can wear it and not feel it because it’s too loose and light. So it’s a great place to travel when you need space.
Day 7:
It’s been a very relaxing day. The shirt is a black tshirt, but the TSHIRT has an interesting Asian collage in the middle. And the overall pattern shows pink tone will not let the jacket too monotonous. Pants are very simple pants, but I don’t want to be as formal as traditional pants. So the legs are longer and looser, which gives them the feel of streetwear. Shoes I chose a different color of sneakers to make the overall look special. The hat. I chose the fisherman’s hat. At the same time I also chose a shoulder bag, so that you can have a sense of leisure in the travel.
Day 8:
Today because went to a more tropical place, so I chose a yellow shirt with a plant pattern as my inside short-sleeved outfit. It’s more tropical. But I chose a black pant with some special trim on it to make it look less drab. Shoes I chose a natural style of plant woven shoes, and color for the earth color. I think it goes with the ensemble. I also chose a black pair of sunglasses to make it look cool.
Day 9:
Today because the weather is windy, but it is not particularly cold. So I wore a white shirt with a plaid blue and purple trench coat. The whole thing is more casual, because it’s hanging out with friends. The shoe was a simple white sport-casual shoe.
Today’s shirt was a leopard print shirt, while the pants were paired with a long, baggy khaki pant. Because think pants too loose and slender, if the bottom of the shirt on the pants outside will look a little strange. So I decided to tuck the bottom of my shirt into my pants. This not only will not be too casual, and rich characteristics, legs also appear a lot longer. Because the bottom of the trousers is also very loose, so I chose a boot with a bit of heel. So the pant leg doesn’t get too close to the ground. I also chose a Red Fanny Pack for the accessories. You can add a little more color to the whole thing.
I’m still a student, but I’m in art school and everyone loves to dress up. So I was deeply affected. I’m a 23-year-old boy. Studying fashion design is a designer, so it also affects my style of dress.
When I talk to people about how I dress,. They think I’m someone who doesn’t like single colors and patterns. I like to wear all kinds of colors. At the same time, I like some clothes with special material. I think it fits with what I’m feeling. I think I’ve always been a colorist myself. Like to put a variety of colors together to see how to have a different and magical effect. At the same time, the novelty of the material can make them special and novel also makes me very excited.
When I feel uncomfortable in it, I feel like a little devil on my body trying frantically with a needle. My body also sometimes resists through a series of reactions, such as allergies. I also feel like everything around me, like the weather, is getting really bad.
I think I’m very much influenced by the culture here in New York. New Yorkers love to mix and match. Now I also like to match a variety of colors and materials. I used to be more influenced by trend, so everything was very basic.