Describe your career choice or interests at age 10

Answer each question with 6 lines of text per question. No less than 6 lines per text.
1. Describe your career choice or interests at age 10 (around 4th or 5th grade), age 13 (around 8th grade), and age 16 (around 11th grade). How did your career choice or interests at each of these ages reflect Ginzberg’s description of interests, capacities, and values? Explain.
2. Define vocational maturity according to Super. Contrast your vocational maturity upon entering freshman year of high school with your vocational maturity toward the end of your senior year. What factor(s) helped you develop vocational maturity?
3. Imagine yourself back in eighth grade. See yourself sitting in a classroom with the teacher and other students at this point in your life. Describe the students sitting next to you, friends in the classroom, the appearance of the teacher, the furniture, and color of the classroom, etc. Now imagine yourself as a member of a different racial group sitting in the same classroom. Identify your new racial identity. Describe who your friends would be in the class? What activities would you be involved in? What courses would you take? What careers would you be likely to explore? Explain.
4. Discuss your reaction to the imagery exercise above. What struck you? How would it have been different if you had changed your gender rather than your race?