Development Analysis Jasmine Antoine School of Counseling, Liberty University COUC502: Human Growth

Development Analysis
Jasmine Antoine
School of Counseling, Liberty University
COUC502: Human Growth and Development (D64)
Dr, Lynch
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Personal Introduction To Adulthood
Part one Childhood year.
I came to the United States (US) when I was nine years old. I migrated here from a little town called Camp-Coq. Camp-Coq is located right by the second Capital of Haiti (Cap- Haitian). The life back there was great but not perfect due to political issues, education problems and freedom of speech. My parents wanted a better Life for me and my siblings. They wanted us to have the opportunity they did not have. Vygotsky’s theory of socioculturalism indicates the environment that children grow up in influences how they think. Migrating to the US was supposed to provide a violent free environment and strong fundamental structure, unfortunately we were exposed to an environment that was worse than haiti. constant fighting in school, neighborhood drug activities, and parental marital status
Part 2 early adolescent year
The process of acculturation is different for every person. Becoming used to the cultural change in this country was difficult in many ways. Accepting the changes seen in this society can be challenging since we must embrace a new way of living since we must adapt to new life styles. Coming to this country presents many obstacles; however, our ability to adapt and accept a new culture makes us stronger and determined to continue getting used to a new way of living.
Many theories such as developmental theory talk about stages when a child becomes an adult. In many cases children have no choice but to grow up. Growing up in a home that was full of tension with parents constantly arguing ………………. in my case I was 15 years old. My friends were living with their parents and going to school. Meanwhile I was worrying about where I was going to get a token to travel from Brooklyn to Queens so I could get to school. Both my parents were financially stable to give me all the token I needed but they allowed their differences to be the factor of the outcome of their children’s lives . I had to grow up. I had to get a job and make it school whenever I could. by senior year I was working at a restaurant just to keep a roof over my head. The person that was supposed to shelter me and love me chose another family over me. Not only did her absence shape who I am today but it also taught me how to be a better person to my own children. According to Erikson stage identity versus role of confusion age 12 to 18 in this state children struggle with their identity trying to understand who they are and what’s their purpose in life? Although I was at the stage of identity versus confusion, I decided this experience was not going to dictate who I become.
Moving from home to home
part 4 Late adolescent
At 18-year-old I became pregnant with my first child, then I knew I had grown up there. My conversion to adulthood begins.