Developmental Profile Kareen EDU Professor March 15, 2022 Background Description: Sevyn Eady

Developmental Profile
March 15, 2022
Background Description: Sevyn Eady
Class Size
Female (she/he)
Developmental Domain Profile
Social/Emotional Development:
Sevyn exemplifies some expected developmental stages of social emotional skills at the age of 4. From observation, Sevyn often struggles with self-regulation with her emotions. This sometimes results in her handling her frustration with peers or activities in a physical manner instead of verbal expressions through positive communication. S.E also has a hard time transitioning between feelings calming mechanism) to regain control.
Anecdotal #1: S.E doesn’t express herself verbally, rather physically
Anecdotal #2: S.E takes long period of time to self-regulation emotions.
Cognitive Development:
Sevyn exemplifies some expected developmental stage of a 4-year-old. From observation, S.E does well with recognition skills but not memory retention when it comes to phonemic awareness. However, it has been observed that S.E struggles with position placement. For example, When Sevyn is practicing or writing her name of her artworks, she often writes her letter S backwards even before/after being guided or provided visual examples of her name which includes the letter S. This leads to a cognitive support goal for S.E. An effective goal would be to provide additional phonemic materials (visual or manipulative) in order for Sevyn to retain more memory of the letter S.
Anecdotal#1: S.E has good recognition skills
Anecdotal #2: S.E struggles with letter position (forward/backwards)
Physical Development:
Sevyn exemplifies expected developmental stage of a 4-year-old. Sevyn use of both gross motor and fine motor skills are distinctly present throughout her school days. On a developmental scale she is borderline on the expectation of a 4 going on 5-year-old child. Through her work, S.E exemplifies great uses of fine motor skills through drawing, writing, or crafting. In addition, she shows great confidences and comfortability while doing so. Through play, S.E shows great muscular and physical development of the body. During play she enjoys staying active, challenging her limits and exploring new ways to use her body. She has even grown from skip jumping to full jumping in a matter of days through consistent practice.
Anecdotal #1: S.E has great fine motor skills with a variety of different tools.
Anecdotal#2: S.E challenges herself to learn new physical activities during play.
Developmentally, Sevyn’s language and communication skills are appropriate for her age group. S.E often builds and expands her vocabulary and language of expression through social interactions with peers and literature reading. Although S.E hasn’t fully developed the understanding of sounds association with letters or identify specific words outside of common words such as her name, she is still able to make meaning and connections through the classroom materials and activities. Most importantly and effectively during play. During play, S.E is building new vocabulary through exploring centers and discovery different languages and different forms of communication as well.
Anecdotal #1: S.E has a good sense of positive communication skills with peers and adults.
Anecdotal#2: S.E language is mainly explored through play and social interactions.