Developmental Psychology

You may discuss the TMA with your coursemates, however, the assignment must be written up independently. Do not share your notes, draft, or final TMA with anyone before the marked TMAs are returned to you.

Avoid plagiarism by giving yourself sufficient time to research and understand the material so that you can write up your assignment in your own words. Quotations should be used sparingly. Simply citing the source of ‘copied’ chunks of text does not excuse it from plagiarism. Do ensure that any paraphrasing is done appropriately.

The University takes a very serious view of plagiarism and collusion. Both are very serious academic offenses. Please refer to the Student Handbook on the penalties of plagiarism or collusion. You are strongly advised to submit your TMA early, check the plagiarism report yourself, and if needed revise and resubmit your TMA before the submission deadline.

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