Directions: Choose three writers and view their lectures/readings. Write a two-page essay

Directions: Choose three writers and view their lectures/readings. Write a two-page essay with consideration of the following topics.
Kimberly Guerrero Kimberly Guerrero – Biography – IMDb
Work: Chasing Arrows – 1 hour adventure drama comedy about the life of an inseparable twin removed from their foster home in Seattle into a small town bordering an Indian reservation. One of the twins later encounter a bizarre accident that sent her back to the 1800s.
Personal – story related to the author’s ethnicity – Indian reservation.
Elizabeth Frances Elizabeth Frances – Biography – IMDb
Work: Privilege – 1 hour drama in 1980s about cocaine addiction and how it hurts her parents.
Sociological – story related to the social stress and how some people cope with drugs and become addicts.
Kalani Queypo Bio — Kalani Queypo
Work: Stored in safe – a play about a man confronting his past when he comes back to his old house in Honolulu on the island of Oahu and finds a room full of family’s belongings. He could choose to “keep the belongings untouched” (his memories safely stored & untouched in a distant past) or “unlock the door” (facing the uncomfortable history of his sister committing suicide).
Personal – story related to author’s hometown and about life is about going through circle and return to where you start.
1.    Summarize each writer’s work. Was it poetry, fiction, non-fiction, what you would consider experimental, “something else”?2.    How would you categorize each writer’s work? (Sociological, Political, Spiritual, Personal, other?)3.    Do you think ethnicity or social issues have influenced the work that the writer presented? If so, how?4.    What images or quotes stood out to you and why?
Kalani Queypo’s “Write what you don’t know” – taking in a new idea and facing it so you can understand new things and write better –like new movies and art works bring new ideas and lessons to the viewers.
5.    Did you find a personal connection to any of the presented work?
Kalani Queypo’s work. It’s about when I travel a lot but finally go back to hometown and come to full circle with life.