Directions in clear format Main Webpage Access the (Links to an

Directions in clear format
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Review the 2020 (LHI) Learning Health Indicators. Upon review of the information obtained in the Overview & Impact, Life Stages & Determinants and Latest Data tab for the area of focus you have identified, please write a paper answering the following questions:
Focus Area Chosen: Clinical Preventive Services (Click on it to see the different tabs)
Answer the following questions under the bullet
In reviewing the Life Stages & Determinants tab, what population within your community is affected the greatest by your topic? (FYI my community is over 55 & older community).
What progress has been made in regard to this identified issue; support with data from the Latest Data tab.
How can this information be used to promote and improve the health of individuals, families, within your community?
How do you see yourself applying this information as an advanced practice nurse?