Discussion 3: Research an Identity Theft OR Cybervictimization Case of Your Choice

You learned about multiple forms of victimization in this module and listened to a technology-facilitated romance scam. For this discussion post, identify and research one case of either identify theft OR cybervictimization (not discussed at length in the textbook) to discuss and analyze. Make sure that there is enough information available about the case to fully respond to the following prompts:

Briefly summarize the case
Based on the textbook readings, does the case align with what you learned about:

Who is typically victimized
The consequences of victimization

What was the Criminal Justice System response to the case?
What could have been done to prevent it from happening?

The initial post is due by Friday, April 1st As part of your grade, please find two peers that discussed a different case than you. This will allow you to learn about multiple cases of identity theft and/or cybervictimization. For tips on how to respond to peers in a meaningful engaging way, please see the syllabus. This part of the discussion post is due by midnight on Sunday, April 3rd.