Discussion 7 response 1

Please reply to discussion below using APA style 7th edition use 3 peer reviewed journal references dated less than 4 years and a an interactive question Unit 7 Discussion 1. Some questions I would ask to explore the need for palliative care would be: Do you have easy access to the bedroom and bathroom for the patient? Can the patient be mobile on his own? Is the patient able to shower on his own or get assistance showering? How often is the pain? What is the severity of the pain? Is the pain intermittent or constant? Is the patient on oxygen? Are there any stairs in the home? If so, is there handicap accessibility? Is the patient going to be alone at home? Those are just some, however I think sometimes it is hard because patients in this scenario can deteriorate quickly changing their status for the need for palliative care. 2. Total pain management entails caring for the patient in a way that is different from the hospital and clinic setting. The concept of access to pain management as a human right has gained increasing currency in recent years (Brennan, Lohman,