Discussion Post

The purpose of this first part of the assignment is for you to examine what your city or county government is doing via their website to facilitate resident participation in government.

Read the Jun and Bryer article about facilitating public participation in local governments. In the article, Figure 1 illustrates how municipal governments engage their citizens and Figure 2 shows the different types of resources for civic engagement that are provided by local governments.
Using that information, explore your citys website to see if they use any of these ways to engage residents or provide any of the resources for civic engagement.
Once you have finished your search, write a summary and post it here in the Discussion.


Postings should be a minimum of two to three paragraphs (300-400 words) that clearly convey your intended meaning.
Your responses to at least two colleagues should be substantive (100 to 200 words) that further enhance the discussion, not just agree or disagree.
You must post/respond on different days throughout the week.
You should aim to be precise in your presentations of others ideas (i.e., include sources in APA format)