Discussion Post

The purpose of this second part of the assignment is to have you actively participate in your local government via communication with an elected official in the city or county where you live.

Research a city or county issue that is important to you (perhaps an issue that was covered on the website), and then email a commissioner/council member about it (copy me on the email, please). Pose a question in your email to guarantee a reply. It must be professional and not confrontational. Please proofread your email!  Please send your email by September 19th.
Once you get a reply from the commissioner/council member, think about their answer from the perspective of a citizen and then from the perspective of an administrator. (Send a copy of the email to me, please).
Write a summary about your communication with the public official. Make sure you include your perspectives as a citizen andas a public administrator. Post the summary here in the  Discussion by October 10th.