Discussion Question: Below I have provided the classes that I feel are

Discussion Question: Below I have provided the classes that I feel are most beneficial and the classes that are least beneficial. My research topic: Climate Change You will need this to complete the post below.
Please provide at least a 250-word response.
Review your doctoral program and identify three courses you believe will be the most beneficial and three that will be the least. Produce an initial post that concisely describes the goal and the ideas behind your proposed research project, list the three most and least useful courses in the program, and provide the rationale for your assessment for each course.
Most beneficial:
Strategic Planning
Accountability & Accreditation
Financial Management & Enrollment Development
Least beneficial:
Problem-Based Research in Action
Doctoral Writing & Inquiry into Research
Techniques & Interpretation for Statistical Analysis
Discussion Question 2:
Please provide at least a 250-word response.
Consider the positions the other students have made in M5 Discussion Question 1, especially where their opinion differs from yours. Ask probing questions and refine your initial post if new insights help you see things differently.
The is post below you need ask probing questions and provide a response:
This is a topic I could talk my head off about and makes me miss in class learning. The goal of most organizations is to provide the best care or service to their customers. Every year originations look at their numbers, their bottom lines, and develops ways to improve them. Whether it be to redevelop something, improve something, or add something. 
            For example, many moons ago I worked for Bose the speaker company. They had a unique way of selling products. We would build rapport with the customer. If I had a customer looking to come in for a surround sound system, I would casually get to know them by asking what type of music or movies they like, what their house looks like, their family members, their social life excreta. This allowed me to compile a design that would fit their needs. When going to sell the product to the customer, I would discuss the features of the product and how it would fit into their lifestyle giving examples of the information they provided about their home and social life. I would fill in where there may have been something lacking in their life, that they didn’t even realize, and what product we can put in to improve it. I was one of the top sales people at the time.
            Just like in healthcare and my current job now. Our main purpose is to serve those who have served and their families. If veteran’s choose not to come to our facility, then we don’t have jobs. Through customer satisfaction surveys and research, our leadership sees where the organization as a whole is lacking. Through these surveys, leadership sees what can be improved at our facility and develops ways to improve them. In turn, veterans are more satisfied and continue to use our services. If veterans continue to uses our services, then there is a need for us as staff to produce those services, hence job security. If veteran’s are satisfied, not only does not organization as a whole look good, leadership looks like they are doing a good job and employee benefits increase. I feel that with the lack of motivation of some employees, if they were to see where veterans are dissatisfied and what tools can be used to satisfy them, it will make the employee’s job easier. Employees will not have to deal with as much disgruntled veterans and will have more benefits to help increase job satisfaction.