Diversity and Inclusivity Training and Development Plan The goal of this training

Diversity and Inclusivity Training and Development Plan
The goal of this training and development plan is to facilitate and promote a diverse and inclusive culture within the organization. It is important for employees to conduct themselves through respectful and positive interactions within the workplace while reducing discrimination and prejudice. Accordingly, the plan is intended to increase employee’s knowledge and awareness of religious, cultural, and ethical differences while providing strategic information as to how individuals can become more aware of inclusivity in their daily life.
The developmental aspect within this plan is based on the need to help employees develop the skills needed to facilitate working and interacting with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.
Define diversity and inclusivity
Explain diversity awareness and the value of an inclusive workforce
Identify elements of workplace discrimination
Describe unconscious biases and how they may lead to discrimination
Review the organization’s discrimination policies and procedures
Discuss consequences and mediation as it relates to resolving employment discrimination disputes
Provide examples which in other’s perspectives and experiences with workplace discrimination
While there is a spectrum of workplace discrimination classifications, the focus of my training would be on the protected characteristics outlined by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Additionally, I would mandate inclusion and diversity training for all employees on an annual basis.