Ducere Global Business School. (2017). SWOT analysis – Swot makes Netflix so

Ducere Global Business School. (2017). SWOT analysis – Swot makes Netflix so successful anyway? [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUTZ6NOWeYs
have you ever wondered why Kodak and
Nokia and no longer around or perhaps
you’re asking who are they
what about Netflix how did a company who
started off by mailing DVDs end up
producing their own movies every
organization even large successful ones
need to continually assess internal and
external factors to make sure they don’t
end up left behind this is where the
SWOT analysis comes in SWOT stands for
strengths weaknesses opportunities and
threats but of course there’s much more
to it than that although it’s not the
only analytical tool it is one of the
most widely used as it allows us to
examine both internal and external
factors that will influence an
organization’s business and marketing
strategy it also allows a company to
assess what is controllable and
uncontrollable internally we can control
certain things whereas externally we are
liable to environmental changes and
threats let’s take a brief look at each
of these in regards to Netflix in 2016
we’ll start with the internal factors
and the activities that a company can
directly influence as strengths for
Netflix would be its online content
library which gives access to this
content anytime anywhere it also
translates to consumer value with a
comfortable legal way to enjoy a wide
variety of content in their own time of
course this can also be a weakness as it
means Netflix must continually invest in
new content to satisfy customer demand
as well as ensuring content is available
to stream without common technical
difficulties but what about the external
factors often there are countless
opportunities which are available to all
types of businesses as they develop
Netflix or the emerging online trend and
successfully pivoted its DVD
distribution into an online-only model
before the competition could move fast
what about the future it’s possible with
the emergence of mobile technology with
users increasingly streaming on their
phones other business opportunities may
present themselves as the streaming
technology develops but these
opportunities aren’t exclusive only to
Netflix threats can often come from the
competitors catching up in this case the
streaming model has been adopted by
other rivals such as Amazon Prime Stan
and many more but not just that any
external factor like a change of
government law on piracy or streaming or
even a new technological disruption can
also negatively affect a company if they
are unprepared having things that are
threatening your company or your known
weaknesses placed for everyone to see
can provide the perfect insight into
where your company stands and the
catalyst for the next move