e personal cash flow statement (aka budget or spending plan) is the

e personal cash flow statement (aka budget or spending plan) is the foundation of a financial plan.  You cannot expect to build wealth without knowing where your money is going.  Please use the attached Excel spreadsheet to create a projected (or forecasted) budget for the month of October. This is your own personal cash flow statement. This budget template looks a bit different than the one shown in the book as it is a zero-based budget.  This means that you treat your savings as if it is an expense item (see green area of the budget). In other words, “pay yourself first”.  When you get paid, move your savings directly into the appropriate savings account for that goal.  Do not wait until the end of the week/month.  Therefore, since your savings is treated as an expense item, every dollar that you make is allocated to one of the line items on the budget sheet.  This means your projected net cash flow at the end of the month will be zero, hence “zero-based budget”.  We all know that things don’t always work out exactly as planned, but for planning purposes, the projected net cash flow should be zero. The spreadsheet has comments next to each line item to help you understand how to complete the budget (indicated by red corners on the cells).
This is an easy 40 points if you show effort and submit the assignment on time.  And make sure your net cash flow is zero.  Every dollar of income should be allocated to either an expense category or savings category.  Save your spreadsheet to your desktop and then upload to the assignment manager by clicking on the above title link.