ECON 1BB3: Introductory Macroeconomics Assignment Sheet: Critical Reflection Questionnaires and Report Weight:

ECON 1BB3: Introductory Macroeconomics
Assignment Sheet: Critical Reflection Questionnaires and Report
Weight: 50 points; 7 percent of course grade
10 points each for the 3 questionnaires you complete (1% of course grade per questionnaire)
20 points for the Critical Reflection Report (4% of your course grade)
Due Dates: A critical reflection questionnaire will be due (various due dates, all Tuesdays at 11:59pm). A final critical reflection report will be due Friday, December 3, at 11:59pm. A late penalty of 4 points (i.e., 20%) per business day will be applied to critical reflection reports submitted past the deadline.
Submission Details: You will complete a brief critical reflection questionnaire during weeks 5, 9, and 12 via “Assessments”>”Quizzes” on A2L. You will then use those questionnaires to write and submit a final critical reflection report. Your paper must be saved as a Microsoft Word document using the following naming convention:
You must submit your report to the folder “Critical Reflection Report” in “Assessments”>“Assignments” on A2L. If you submit your report in any form other than an MS Word document, you have not completed the assignment and you will receive a grade of zero. Please note that all students have access to Office 365 free of charge.
The objectives of the assignment are:
to develop your skills in self reflection.
to develop critical thinking and analytical skills.
to enhance your written communication skills.
Assignment (Critical Reflection Questionnaires):
Complete the brief critical reflection questionnaire made available to you (via the “Quizzes” tool on A2L) during weeks 5, 9, and 12. will ask you about the content completed during the previous 3-5 weeks.
Answers to the questions must be in complete sentences to receive full marks.
Responses to the short answer questions should be a minimum of five sentences.
You must explain your answers and provide details to support your answers.
The best answers are meaningful and demonstrate the ability to make connections.
The best way to provide meaningful answers are to connect the content learned to something in your own life.
Grading Rubric (Each Questionnaire):
Total Points Possible Per Questionnaire: 10
Critical Reflection Questionnaire
Student answered all questions. Short answers provided an explanation and details to support their answers.
Student answered all questions, but at least one short answer did not provide an explanation or details.
Student did not answer all questions.
Assignment (Critical Reflection Report):
Write a cohesive reflection of approximately 400-500 words about your overall experience in this course. These experiences should be informed by personal reflection and a thoughtful review of your three critical reflection questionnaires. The report must be submitted as an MS Word document.
In writing your report, consider the following questions:
When during this course were you most engaged with learning?
What contributed to those moments?
What barriers existed to you learning more in this course?
How might you overcome those barriers in the future?
How did the instructor help or hinder your learning in this course?
How did your peers help or hinder your learning in this course?
You do not need to provide an answer to each of these questions in your critical reflection report – these questions have been provided merely as a tool to help get you going with the reflection process.
Grading Rubric (Critical Reflection Report):
Total Points Possible: 20
Critical Reflection Report Content
Student submitted Critical Reflection Report, based on Critical Reflection Questionnaires and/or based on the questions in the Assignment Sheet.
 Student submitted a Critical Reflection Report that was not based on the Critical Reflection Questionnaires and/or the questions in the Assignment Sheet; or student did not submit a report; or student submitted a report in a format other than MS Word document.
All guidelines were followed (length, font, name, student number, etc.) and the report is mostly free of grammar and spelling errors).
Student did not follow one or more guidelines with respect to length, font, name, student number; or the report had multiple spelling and grammar errors.
General Guidelines:
You are permitted to use the first person perspective (e.g., I) in your writing.
Your critical reflection report must be 400-500 words in length. If you submit a report that exceeds 500 words, only the first 500 words will be graded. Your report must also be double spaced, written in size 12 Arial font, and free of grammar and spelling errors. Use 1 inch margins and do not include a title page. Your name and student ID number must be included as a header at the top righthand corner of each page.
For each critical reflection questionnaire you submit by the deadline, you will receive 10 points, provided that you have followed the guidelines given in the assignment details. You will receive 20 points if you submit your critical reflection report:
by the deadline,
the correct length, and
based on your questionnaires.
Again, a late penalty of 4 points (i.e., 20%) per business day will be applied to critical reflection reports submitted past the deadline.