Effects of President Trump Politics on Immigrants

The Effects of President Trump Politics on Immigrants

please see the file attached, include a counter argument, and please talk about three reasons of why this might be wrong, in each paragraph talk about at last one reason.

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keep in mind that this is a (position paper)……… thank you.

so you have to argue on bot sides, for and against, and then take a stand, it seems above the student has taken the against stand…

works cited and cite in text in MLA


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The United States is considered as the destination for oppressed people and groups that seek a freer society that respects the rights of citizens and residents to engage in productive activities that would result in the advancement. However, the election of President of Trump in 2016 had returned the nation to a period before 1953 when migrants were not welcomed through his immigration policies, strategies, and rhetoric against immigrants and the role in the economic and security problems of the United States (Nardini 105). While the Trump supporters are excited with the president for fulfilling his electoral promises on immigration, several experts consider the policies and strategies adopted by the administration as bad for social integration and America’s economy. The detailed examination of the effect of Trump politics on immigrants showed that it had increased the rate of racism and discrimination, level of emotional stress on the individuals and their families, especially children, and depth of their socioeconomic challenges………..



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