Electronic Health Record and Health Care Provider burnout

This proposal will be implemented in 3 parts as listed below.PLEASE READ EACH PART CONSIST OF DIFFERENT REQUIREMENTS 
Research proposal/Evidence based practice part I.
Research proposal/ EPB part II
Research proposal/EPB part III

Research proposal 
Please follow the grading rubric for written assignments which can be found IN THE ATTACHMENTS.
Research/EBP Proposal Part I
EACH SECTION needs to be written as a formal paper using APA format. Address the

Background of the problem addressed
Signicance of the problem addressed in the proposal (what will
happen if we dont address?)
One sentence problem statement (The problem addressed in this
proposal is )
One sentence purpose statement (The purpose of this proposal is to .
PICOT question/hypotheses

Research/EPB Proposal Part II
Literature Review

This paper is to be written as a formal paper using APA format with the
literature review matrix inserted as an Appendix (refer to APA manual for
formatting an Appendix in a paper).+
Find 10 research articles (quantitative or qualitative,+no metanalysis+or
non-research), peer-reviewed, published in scholarly journals.+Note:
You can look at individual articles used in a meta-analysis.
Complete the Literature Review Matrix (evidence table) using the
template provided.+
Data is summarized, no quotes (do not just copy and paste into boxes)
Provide a comprehensive, succinct synthesis that compares and
contrasts methods, designs, and populations of selected articles and
clearly identies gaps that point to the need for your proposed study.
Note that a synthesis is not the same as a summary. For a synthesis,
we draw conclusions to formulate a new whole.

Research/EPB Proposal Part III
You will not implement this project. It is just a proposal
This paper is to be written as a formal paper using APA format. Address the

Description of the research design you would use and rationale for
selecting this design to answer your question
Sampling techniques that represent your population of interest.
Ethical considerations including IRB.
Data Measurement including how are you will measure variables of
interest (e.g., survey methods)
Data Collection including the setting where data collection will be
completed (e.g, inperson, email survey, phone survey)
Data Analysis including statistical tests you might run. E.g., to measure
the relationship between variables you can use correlations. Or, to
compare two groups or more groups, you could use a T test or ANOVA)
Limitations of your proposed study.

please see attachement for rubric:
 it consist of 4 sections 
2.focus and sequencing