Elmore Stoutt High School Languages Department 11th Grade SBA Portfolio – Lent

Elmore Stoutt High School
Languages Department
11th Grade SBA Portfolio – Lent 2021
Please note that your portfolio will be due on or before Monday 21st March, 2022.
It is worth a total of 40 points.
Your portfolio should include the following:
Cover Page 4 pts.
(SBA Portfolio, Topic, Your name, Teacher’s Name, Class, Due date)
Plan of investigation 4 pts
Reflection #1 5 pts. This is a summary of all 3 artefacts- 3 paragraphs. Say what you learned from them.
Reflection #2 5 pts.
This is a language technique/ literary device analysis- 3 paragraphs. Find ONE technique or device in each artefact and explain what it means or the purpose e.g. rhetorical question, repetition, bold words, subheadings, contrast, examples, definitions.
Reflection #3 5 pts.
This requires you to write how you feel about doing the SBA, challenges you had and the skills you think you improved. DO NOT MENTION the artefacts here.
Group Written Report 5 pts.
The group must identify the theme and all sub topics in the group. Compare your artefacts and choose the best 3. Summarise the 3 chosen and say why they are the best. Identify any challenges faced as a group.
Plan for Oral Presentation 5 pts.
Please see the example in the classroom
Reference Page 5 pts.
Write a list of your sources used/ artefacts. Make sure it is in alphabetical order. ( Use APA or MLA format). You can use a site like this to help you with citing your sources:
Artefacts 2 pts
Put screengrabs/ copies of the 3 artefacts in an appendix