Emerging Technologies Solution Testing Indiana Wesleyan University Instructor:Dr A Team-5 Industries The

Emerging Technologies
Solution Testing
Indiana Wesleyan University
Instructor:Dr A
The industries that are likely to the affected include manufacturing and service industries. These industries are the major consumers of analytics and analytical tool. Analytics have found significant traction in these industries and has wide applications (Langer, 2017). As a matter of illustration, analytics are used in customers’ relationship management, decision making and developing strategies. Therefore, exploring on analytics solutions will help in addressing business problems in these industries.
Presentation of Deliverable
The insights and test results will be presented using categorical charts. The categorical charts are used for comparing categories and distributions of quantities values. Additionally, these charts are extensively used to display data that are categorical in nature i.e. the ones that are classified into categories. This charts are effective because of a number of reasons. Firstly, the categorical charts have visual appeals to the readers and they can attract the attention of the readers. The manners in which values are distributed in the categorical charts are appealing to the readers to seek the understanding of the contents. Another reason is the clarity. These charts enable the readers to have a quick overview of the contribution for each value within the category. With this overview, the readers are in a better position to make informed decisions without much struggle. Thirdly, categorical charts have simplicity (Kirk, 2016). The complex data are displayed in a simplified manner by the use of categorical charts, from which the readers can generate the much-needed insights. Consequently, these charts help us to see what percentage of the whole each category constitutes.
Analysis of Strategic Integration
The strategic integrations refer to the process handling the strategic business impacts of the technology on overall business process. This integration ties the implementation of technology within the organizations in many ways. The major weakness of this strategic integration plan is that it can hinder implementation of the new technology. On the other hand, it recommended that strategic integration plan be developed to allow the organization’s management to address challenges of handling the new technologies (Langer, 2017). There are high chances that the top management will have weakness in handling the outcomes of the new technology. In such situation, the strategic integration will help the organization realize the benefits from the newly implemented technology.
Langer, A. M. (2017). Information technology and organizational learning: Managing behavioral change in the digital age. CRC Press.