Employee Relations Research Paper

Part 1 -Employee Relations Research Paper due Module 4 September 13
Purpose: The purpose of the Employee Relations Project is to encourage students to research and make connections in a business/industry that they may be interested in working. This project consist of three parts and require students to research what companies do in the area of Employee Relations both from an academic level ( research a Fortune 500 Company- Part 1) and from an application level (conduct an interview with HR/Hiring Manager/Supervisor in your current/former company- Part  2; must be a different company than the one you researched in Part 1 ). Students will then create a Comparison Analysis Video slide presentation to compare the information from both companies- Part 3) with a reflection on what they learned. Through this comparison students will have the opportunity to show how Employee Relations is demonstrated in the business/industry and also to provide recommendations for Employee Relations Best Practice improvements.   
Assignment (individual assignment)
Instructions for Part 1 – Employee Relations Research Paper
Please select a Fortune 500 Company and research their Employee Relations practices on the following 10 elements:

Various Communication Styles for Maintaining Employee Relations
The Importance of Diversity
Conflict Management
The Importance and Impact of Training and Development
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation Strategies
Performance Measures and Their Role with The Performance Management System
Performance Appraisal
Team Building Concepts
The Staffing Process
Best Practices in Labor Relations

Discuss how the company demonstrates each element in their Employee Relations program.  If they do not practice one of the elements, Google the Best Practice for that element to include in the paper. Also, include the following components in your research paper:
Title page /page numbers
Abstract (no indent, summary of what the paper entails)
Introduction on Employee Relations (do not use the word, use the title) – Define Employee Relations and explain the  benefit of each element. 
Short Profile of the Company – ( vision, mission, products/services,   EEO Employer, number of employees, demographics, foreign locations, and awards)
10 Employee Relations Elements (use as “Headings” center and boldface)
Reference page (alphabetize,  the sources on the Reference page and all in text citations should match )
Click on the following sample below:
Sample Employee Relations Research paper Part I.docx  Download Sample Employee Relations Research paper Part I.docx 
Refer to APA7th ed. formatting updates in Announcements
Use the Employee Relations Research Paper Rubric (Module 2) to guide your work and to meet all requirements.
This assignment is worth 50 points.  A total of 7-9 pages and a minimum of 5 scholarly resources with corresponding in-text citations are required.