ENG 3500 Studies in Women’s Literature ENG 3500 Studies in Women’s Literature

ENG 3500 Studies in Women’s Literature
ENG 3500 Studies in Women’s Literature
Song Presentation
For this assignment, you will pick a song and examine the way it talks about women, femininity, and/or gender. You could also examine how a song discusses masculinity or male behavior as that often tells us something about femininity. You can pick a song by an artist or band with members of any gender and on any topic. Your song may portray women positively, negatively, or neutrally. The only caveat is that you must pick a song with a music video. If the song you want to discuss does not have a music video, e-mail me, and we will find a workaround.
You will present this in an audio recording or video. You are also welcome to create a voice-over PowerPoint. You can complete this project on your own or work in groups of 2 or 3. If you’re working on your own, your presentation should be about 3-5 minutes (NOT including your song). If you’re in a group of two, aim for 5-7 minutes, and if you are working in a group of three, you will want to discuss the song for 7-9 minutes.
Your presentation will be due in Module 15, but you are welcome to turn it in earlier. When you submit your presentation, please also include a link to the song you have chosen, so I can watch the music video and listen to the tune. You can put that link in the Write Submission box. If you are working in a group, only one of you needs to submit the presentation. Just let me know all the members of the group either at the beginning of the presentation or by typing it into the Write Submission box along with the music video link.
Your presentation should cover the following points:
Provide a brief overview of the song, such as who performs it, when it was created, the genre of the piece, and a short summary of the song.
Women’s Role
How are women portrayed in the song? Discuss the female representation in the song. Here is a great spot to bring in some evidence by referring to specific lyrics.
Describe at least two themes of the song. Explain where in the song we see those themes, again providing lyrics as evidence for your themes. Discuss why these themes are relevant.
Comment on the visuals of the music video. If women are present in the music video (either the artist, background dancers, actors), you might examine what they are wearing and what behaviors they are exhibiting. You might also discuss the narrative, setting, and other characters in the music video. How are women portrayed in these visuals? Do the visuals of the music video support or complicate the themes of the song and the way the lyrics portray women? Refer to specific moments in the music video in this section.
Relate your song to one of the texts we have read for the class. How are the song and text similar? Refer to specific details from the song and/or text in this section.
Offer a final insight about this song, perhaps grading or ranking it based on its portrayal of women.