ENGL 102 Working with Internet Sources to Identify Possible Topics Spring 2022/DeAngelis

ENGL 102 Working with Internet Sources to Identify Possible Topics Spring 2022/DeAngelis
For the next few weeks, we will be working on identifying possible research topics and doing preliminary research to understand the history, context and issues of topics you are considering for your argumentative research paper in this course. The best way to find possible/viable topics for a research paper is to read and ask questions about what you are reading.
For example, you might see this article in a newspaper:
“Star Trek shows us the racism-free future we’re wishing for in 2020”
Just from the title/topic, you can come up with several questions that can be researched and can lead to a good paper topic:
How/why does Star Trek provide a model for the present/future?
How does the tv show depict and deal with the issues of race/racism?
Why is it useful to consider present-day problems on Earth through science fiction?
Are tv shows an effective way to challenge real societal problems like racism?
Is this a model that can be universally applied or it is mostly relatable to US society? How does racism differ from the US to other countries (like Kuwait)?
I am sure that I will think of many more ideas I can research once I read the article!
For this assignment, I would like you to locate THREE different online articles about space:
One from an online newspaper
One from an online magazine
One from an online website
Quickly read through each article, noting each time it is confusing, interesting, provocative – each time that you have a reaction or a thought about what you’re reading. Then come up with FIVE possible areas for further exploration based on each of the articles (like my bullet points above)
Finally, create a Works Cited list in MLA format of the three sources.
Post on Moodle Forum by the end of class on Saturday March 12th.
This assignment will count toward your weekly forum etc. grade.