England Leaving the European Union

Instrions and one recence book is attached. Used references as needed and please review the noted chapters in the instruction. Use number oreferences as needed. 

Aboutthis Activity
When completing yourthree page essay be sure to research the topic and provide your sources forfacts presented in the essay.  All factual information should be supportedby the sources from which it was derived.  For example, to write: Chinaexports $123 billion to Australia each year…this needs to be cited.  Youdo not have to cite common or general information such as: China is a majorexporter to Australia.
The topics areinteresting and relevant each week and I picked topics where you will findnearly unlimited articles to support your research.  You do not need toonly use scientific journals and may use common news websites such as CNN, Fox,Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, BBC, etc. but be sure to avoid simplyrelaying the author’s point of view.  You are writing YOUR essay, notre-wording someone else’s work so be careful to avoid using someone else’sopinions as well.   
Your political partyaffiliations, your views on the current or past presidents, and your leaningsconservative or liberal are not important to these assignments, instead, youshould be giving your views based on the facts presented in the essayitself.  You CAN take a view and SHOULD reach a conclusion such as”the trade imbalance is likely to have X affect on the economy.”
Above all, make sure youenjoy your research because the topics in this course are very relevant to whatis going on internationally and it is worth spending a bit of time to know thembetter.   
After you read Chapter 1,please complete this assignment: 
Provide an analysis andhistoric background on England leaving the EU (Brexit) including why it took solong to finally happen.   You might find additional resources fromChapter 6, but there is PLENTY of information on the web.  Be sure to alsoinclude a short discussion on the Irish Backstop matter and explain what itmeans (this will be a bit more complicated).  Also, why was Prime MinisterMay unable to complete the task and how was Boris Johnson able to see itthrough?
While this may seem likea topic of low relevance, it points towards what happens when politics getsinvolved in a major fundamental change.  In addition, it raises the issueof whether other countries might choose to leave the EU (European Union) andthe implications it has on free trade.