English 11 Name: _______________________ Mrs. Hardiman and Mr. O’Brien Junior Research Paper

English 11 Name: _______________________
Mrs. Hardiman and Mr. O’Brien
Junior Research Paper
Basic Requirements
• 6 pages
• 8 sources (4 Iott Center plus 4 reliable internet sources)
• Thesis statement
• Works Cited page (not part of page count)
• MLA formatting
Potential Criminal Justice Topics
Racial profiling
Death penalty
Search warrant exceptions
Hate crimes
Miscegenation laws
Reliability of blood spatter evidence
Insanity defense
Use of force policies
Collateral consequences of felony convictions
Bryan Stevenson and the Equal Justice Initiative
Rights of pregnant inmates
Megan’s Law
Stand your ground laws
Disparity in punishment for crack versus powder cocaine
Mental health reform in prison
Privatizing prisons
Restorative justice
Cruel and unusual punishment
Defunding police departments
Criminalization of homelessness
Using genealogy databases to catch criminals
Alternatives to mass incarceration
Three strikes and you’re out laws
Mandatory minimum sentences
The impacts and equity of cash bail
No knock search warrants
Community policing
The right to appointed counsel
Defendants exonerated after execution
Juvenile life without parole
Assignment for Paper
March 21
Introduction, topics, requirements, calendar
March 22
Dr. Lepow—sources and citing
March 23
SAT testing
March 24
Finding Iott center sources
March 25
Finding Internet sources
March 28
Read sources and write thesis statement
March 29
Write intro paragraph
March 30
Rough draft pages one and two
March 31
Rough draft pages two and three
April 1
Rough draft pages three and four
April 4
Rough draft pages five and six
April 5
Works Cited page
April 6
Proofreading and revising
April 7
Printed copy of paper due at the beginning of class