ENT 101 Developing Partnerships Assignment Successful entrepreneurs are good at finding partners

ENT 101 Developing Partnerships Assignment
Successful entrepreneurs are good at finding partners that can help build their venture. While each entrepreneur begins with their existing means, they do not stop there. Finding potential collaborators expands the potential means to work with and can help generate new ideas. This assignment will help you begin to build partnerships related to your project.
(Note: The word “partner” in this assignment is not referring to the legal form of business known as a partnership. That will be discussed in the next unit. For this unit, we are talking about anyone who may be a potential collaborator in some way.)
Answer the following to help you build relationships with potential partners in your project:
Before seeking potential partners, ask yourself a few questions:
Am I willing to make adjustments to my project idea based on the ideas or means that a partner brings? Explain.
What aspects of my idea am I willing to change? What am I not willing to change?
Am I willing to share successes and setbacks with a partner? Why or why not?
Choose three potential stakeholders for your project. Go back to your “Begin with Your Means” assignment or your Resources list for ideas about whom to contact. For each potential stakeholder, think about the following:
Why did you choose this person?
How and when will you engage this person?
What co-creation question could you ask them? Some ideas:
“How can we……….?”
“What could you……..?”
“What would it take for you to………?”
Here is an example:
One potential stakeholder for my project is the head of the local Economic Development Commission. I chose this person because I believe we share a similar vision: to grow the local economy by helping entrepreneurs succeed. I will contact this person next week by phone to ask for an appointment. The question I will ask is, “How can we help one another further develop entrepreneurship in the community?”
Choose at least one of the three potential partners you identified in Question 2 above, and actually make contact with them. How did it go? What will you do next as a result?