Entrepreneurial Innovation Final Questions What is innovation? (bringing ideas into reality) What

Entrepreneurial Innovation Final Questions
What is innovation?
(bringing ideas into reality)
What is entrepreneurship?
How did the class change your perspectives on these two definitions?
Regarding your business you worked on in class, would you continue to work on it and bring it to reality? Why or why not?
(yes, I’ll with the help of mentor as there is not any proper platform or medium for guises to connect with travelers and vice versa)
As you look back through the stage gate work, at what stage should your business have spent more time answering questions?
Stage 0, Gate 1 Problem identification -can’t ignore the customer’s needs, -identifying who is facing the actual pain (must have to think from customer’s perspective)
What did you learn from this course that you will apply to your work or personal life?
As far as your startup idea, where did you need more support?
Firstly, with finance
Building app
What insights regarding the role of business and innovation did you gain from following the stage gate development process?
This is the part of stage gate development
Stage 3 – Development
Provide the following:
Product Description
Place or Distribution Plan
Promotion and Sales Plan
Price Strategy
Financial Assessment
Pro Forma Budget
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Capital Requirements
Desired Sources of Capital
What is the most important “take away” that you gained from work in this class?
Now that you understand about the importance of innovation in changing business and meeting customer needs, what recommendations would you have for business leaders?
Think about the content of this course and future students. What would you tell them about this class? How would you prepare them for the experience?
What grade should you get in this class? Why?
Finally, please look back at Hamel’s five elements of stewardship. How did those enter your work in your groups? What things are harder to see and work on? Why?
You all wrote on these early in the course. Looking back at what you wrote, which area is a place where you excel? And which area needs work? Explain.