Environmental sociology; annotated bibliography

1. a restatement of your initial proposal. This can be as simple as copying and pasting (with some editing and refinement) of your initial proposal. However if you’ve been asked to narrow or refocus your topic (or if you have changed your topic) you will need to more significantly revise the content from your initial proposal for this version; and 2. a list of about 10 sources you may use for your research. These sources must be generally academic in nature—books and journal articles. Websites are not acceptable sources per se, however websites that build their findings according to academically acceptable rigors (using verifiable data or evidence) may be considered acceptable—much of this will depend on the topic you are looking into and you will need to use your judgment to discern evidence-based content from opinion. The list should be in a bibliographic format according to an accepted style guideline (APA). With each listed source, briefly annotate (a sentence or a few key phrases) how this source might be useful. Sources do not require equal weighting—identify which sources may be key and which may perhaps provide useful background data or a useful datum. (Also caution, do not rely on a single source primarily for all key information. Your project is meant to be synthetic—you are synthesizing available secondary sources to answer a research question of your own design.)