Essay Topic-Brainstorming Results Here is a working list of your brainstorming ideas.

Essay Topic-Brainstorming Results
Here is a working list of your brainstorming ideas. Your ideas are couched around that notion that an argument or arguments (at least two opposing plausible statements can be made about the topic) can be generated about each of these topics. Take a good look at the list of topics listed below and choose which topic you would like to write about for your first essay. When we get together in class, I will put you into groups according to your interests. There must be at least two people in each group for that topic to “make.”
Environmental Catastrophes/Natural Disasters (Flooding, Hurricanes, Droughts, and Fires)/Climate Change/Ecology (Insect Migration/Pandemics/Climate Change/Natural Food Supply Chain/Water shortages/Oil Spills/Earthquakes)
Religious opposition
Human Trafficking (Involuntary v voluntary prostitution)
Gun Violence (Domestic and School)/Policing (Brutality, Accountability)/Constitutional Rights (Right to Carry/Background checks)
Human Rights (Women’s Rights [Right to Life, Abortion, Choice]/Voting Rights/Civil Rights [Black Lives Matter, Riots, Protests, Looting], Sexual/Gender/Transgender/GLBTQ+ Rights/Sexual Harassment/Me Too Movement/Say Her Name
Immigration/Deportation (Children, natural born minor children)/Boarder Control
America as welfare state
International Affairs as it relates to US power and as it relates to protecting American Freedoms (Wars, Evacuations, Rescue, Occupation, Refugees)
Politics (Gerrymandering/Election Laws/Redistricting)
International Sports Policy (Olympics)/Drug Legalization (Marijuana)/COVID
Drug Legalization (Recreational and Medicinal)/FDA Regulations and Enforcement (Quality, Supply and Demand, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Opioid Controversy)
Government Mandates (Health, Business, COVID, Economy)/Civil Responsibility (Voluntary Mask-Wearing, Voluntary Vaccinations)
Employment/Economy (Displaced Workers, Minimum Wage, Inflation)
Humanitarian Issues and Animal Rights/Cloning/Conservation
Freedom of Speech
Sports (NFL Race hiring/Player contracts/Private franchise v public stadiums)
Nepotism, Race Privileges, Socio-Economic Privileges
5th Amendment Rights
Benefits and Harm to Fraternities and Sororities/Gang Affiliations
Military (Mandatory Vaccines, Freedom of Speech/Internet Search)/CRT Considering)
School/Student and Parental rights (CRT*)
*Critical Race Theory
Parental Rights (Child custody/Parental Competency)
Mental Illness
Education (Homeschool/Public/Private/Parochial/Testing)
Healthcare Issues/Universal Healthcare