Exploration of Ellis Island Policies


LP3 Assignment: Exploration of Ellis Island Policies

This assignment will assess the following competency 3. Explore public health and other health policy models.


In 2-3 pages summarize the Ellis Island policies discussed in the article “Medical Examination of Immigrants at Ellis Island” by Alison Bateman-House and Amy Fairchild on the American Medical Association’s online journal, Virtual Mentor.


Identify and discuss the policies that would and would not be acceptable and/or ethical in today’s society. Refer to the discussion in Chapter 6 about due process and indivdual rights in relation to these events at Ellis Island. Refer to Chapter 11 for ethical considerations.

Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox “LP3 Assignment: Exploration of Ellis Island Policies.” This assignment is worth 100 points and will be graded according to the 100 point

All Reference must be completed on APA format


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