Extra Credit Speech Critique Instructions: Locate a student speech from YouTube by

Extra Credit Speech CritiqueInstructions: Locate a student speech from YouTube by searching “student informative speech” or “student persuasive speech.” You will have thousands from which to choose for your extra credit. Please answer all questions and do so thoroughly and thoughtfully to receive full possible bonus credit. You may submit up to three bonus credit speech critiques (5 points each).
Assessment (effective or ineffective and why)
Name/Topic of Speech
Central idea or thesis of the speech
Main ideas supporting the thesis
Organizational pattern used by speaker
Types of evidence used to support each main idea? (examples, illustrations, testimony, quotations, statistics, etc.)
Attention-getter/type of strategy
Introduction and conclusion
Transitions and flow of speech
Speaker’s vocal cue delivery (volume, rate, pause, etc.)
Speaker’s physical delivery (eye contact, stance, gestures, etc.)