Face to Face Class Participation Guide Professional Nursing Concepts 2: (You’ll turn

Face to Face Class Participation Guide Professional Nursing Concepts 2:
(You’ll turn this in – a hard copy – at the end of each face to face class).
You need to type it (no cutting and pasting, though! – it must be in your own words! Cutting and pasting will result in a 0)! Use APA formatting for references. I do expect you to reference the assigned reading – through your work on this assignment you’re demonstrating your understanding of the reading and your ability to relate it to things you’ve previously learned.
Name: Melissa Agyemang
Dates: July 18
Concept / Exemplars Covered During Class: Healthcare Law and Clinical Judgment
Module assignments were:
Assigned chapter in Giddens (2021): (Health Care Law)
Assigned chapter in Fundamentals text by Potter et a. (2022): Legal Implications in Nursing Practice
Review Nurse Practice Act (NPA) RN Georgia; Georgia Standards of Practice for RNs
Read articles: Thinking Like a Nurse: A Research-Based Model of Clinical Judgment in Nursing; Transitioning from the Nursing Process to Clinical Judgment; The Art of Noticing
View: Understanding Clinical Judgment
How does having a basic understanding of the Georgia Nurse Practice Act and the Georgia Standards of Practice for RNs help the nursing student prepare to enter the profession as a novice nurse?
How will I use what I learned about health care law (specifically about malpractice and negligence, informed consent for treatment, and advance directives) to provide safe/ caring/ client-centered care in the future?
Consider what you’ve learned in this course (PC II) about clinical judgment. Think of a specific concept we studied in Health Care of the Client II and discuss how you’d employ “noticing” to help prevent a failure to rescue situation. (Be sure that your answer demonstrates what you learned from the assigned readings, PowerPoint, and video on Clinical Judgment, and be sure it is thorough and specific enough to demonstrate your growth in understanding of the topic).
What did I learn from these modules that I had not previously considered and how does it relate to things I have seen in clinical?
Any other thoughts/ questions?
How I Contributed to Today’s In-Class Discussion – this is really important – hand write a brief summary of what you said in class during today’s discussion: