Fall 2021 Final Examination Fall 2021 BM 490 Final Examination Strategic Management

Fall 2021 Final Examination
Fall 2021 BM 490 Final Examination
Strategic Management (BM 490)
Final Examination
The examination has four (5) questions and is worth 100 points total (20% of final course grade). You must answer all questions, for a total of 5 questions. Each answered question is worth 20 points.
The examination is open book and you are expected to use the textbook and generally accepted scholarly materials as support for your answers.
All answers will be contained in this single word document examination file and the completed examination will be posted in the course assignment folder under final examination.
Answers to each question will be limited to 2 page and be single spaced in Times New Roman 12 point font with 1 inch margins on all sides. This includes all charts and tables.
References and citations will be made using APA style and references will be listed at the end of each answer (references will not count as part of the 2 page answer limit).
Answers will be graded based on grammar, quality, originality, and style. Answers that repeat information from the course notes and text to successfully answer the question will be graded as satisfactory (i.e., “B”). Answers that go the extra mile and successfully use sources based on research in scholarly journals and professional experience or case studies will be graded as excellent (i.e., “A”) if adequately referenced in line with APA standards.
Answers must be posted in the final examination assignment folder no later than Sunday December 19th, 2021 at 7:00pm Eastern Time.
Honor Pledge
I p certify that this work in my own and that I have received help from no other person or group in completing this examination.
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Final Examination Questions
Q1: Strategic Management Text page 149 (Application Exercises: Exercise #1)
Q2: Strategic Management Text page 173 (Application Exercises: Exercise #3).
(Note: choose either of the options for industries in Exercise #3)
Q3: Strategic Management Text page 192 (Application Exercises: Exercise #1).
Q4: Strategic Management Text page 213 (Application Exercises: Exercise #3).
Q5: Strategic Management Text page 247 (Application Exercises: Exercise #1).