Fall 2021 Principles of Marketing Final Exam Hang in there so close

Fall 2021
Principles of Marketing Final Exam
Hang in there so close to the end of the semester. Select eight (7) of the eight (8) questions.
Upload to the NYU class portal assignment tab- final exam.
Question: How long do the responses have to be?
Answer:    It is a take- home exam you have the entire world via your keyboard for information. It should reflect that effort and the fact that you have had a week to do it. One-paragraph responses to the questions is not enough. Please note that I ask for examples to demonstrate your understanding, and at least your ability to perform a Google search. No response should exceed five paragraphs.
Start the day before the due date, and you will be rushed, and it will reflect in your responses. I will check your submissions against the Turnitin database.
Yes, you do need to document your source material. Please us single space ,and 11 pt. font. Please use default margins.
You can access the Wall Street Journal for through NYU Bobst Library for Free for Question numbers 7 & 8 .
Answer both A and B to receive full credit for this question:
What makes NYU special and unique in relation to its competitors?
What is your vision for the role marketing should play at NYU?
The Hispanic market is unlike any in the United States today. How do firms target this ever-growing demographic? (Hint: it is not just changing the language on the labels).
Provide two (2) examples of companies in support of your response who target this demographic and what tactics are they employing.
Please do not use the Pizza example, which seems to show up on the first Google search as it is a lazy response to this question.
3) Discuss customer relationship management (CRM) and identify three (3) strategies for creating value for customers and capturing value from customers in return. Provide two examples of companies that reflect your responses. (You can NOT use APPLE as one of your companies)
4) What is the most important brand in the employment marketplace? It is YOU. So, if you had to describe yourself in terms of a marketing brand write what you offer a potential employer using such marketing ideas as you offer: brand value, point –of- differentiation, and of course the four (4) P’s. Just attending /getting a college degree is not enough these days.
An employer will compare you against other completion for the position. How do you position yourself in the minds of the interviewer and what impression do you want to make? Please do NOT write “I work hard” as that is a lame statement, and every person thinks they do.
You demonstrate “I work hard” by your past efforts and accomplishments and if your resume is a weak, perhaps you should start adding some internships or work experience.
      5) Why should customer needs be the driving force in segmenting the oral mouth care category?
6) Describe one product that you think is marketed poorly. Explain what you would do differently, and why. Remember to reference specific elements of the 4P’s for this question.
7) This question has several questions( a,b,c,d,e ) at the end of this article. To receive full credit for question number seven (7) you must answer all the question related to the Hershey article.
This Week’s Top Stories
You can access the Wall Street Journal for free through the NYU Library
Hershey Plans to Spend $1.2 Billion in Pretzel Deals
By Jesse Newman | November 10, 2021
Topics: Market Growth Strategies, Supply Chain Management
Summary: Hershey struck deals to buy Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels and Pretzels Inc., which handles some manufacturing for Dot’s, in two acquisitions totaling $1.2 billion, Hershey said. The pretzel acquisitions, expected to be announced Wednesday, aim to expand Hershey’s growing lineup of salty snacks, which includes SkinnyPop popcorn and Pirate’s Booty cheese puffs. The deals will provide Hershey seven plants for baking or seasoning the products, the company said.
What companies is Hershey acquiring? What products do they make?
What other brands has Hershey already acquired?
Describe Hershey’s vision that it is pursuing through these acquisitions.
In what ways are these acquisitions related to supply chain management issues within Hershey?
Explain how pretzels are viewed and consumed by consumers and how this perspective is different from other types of snacks.
8) This question has several questions (a,b,c,d,e ) at the end of this article. To receive full credit for question number eight (8) you must answer all the question related to the Chip Shortage.
Chip Shortage Sees Manufacturers Pitch Lower-Tech Models
By Austen Hufford | November 14, 2021
Topics: Supply Chain Management, Product Design
Summary: Manufacturers struggling with a shortage of semiconductor chips are finding workarounds, executives said, redesigning products, shipping uncompleted units and focusing on older, lower-tech models.
Why are manufacturers facing a shortage of semiconductor chips?
Provide at least three examples of products mentioned in the article that rely on semiconductor chips.
Describe at least two examples of product modifications that manufacturers are making to reduce their reliance on semiconductor chips.
Suggest an example of your own choosing that is not mentioned in the article for a potential product modification that would lessen the manufacturer’s reliance on semiconductor chips.
What ideas might you suggest getting consumers interested in products that are less reliant on semiconductor chips, such as the Speed Queen washing machine that’s mentioned in the article?