FC280 B – Sophomore Seminar – Spring 2022 FC280 B – Sophomore

FC280 B – Sophomore Seminar – Spring 2022
FC280 B – Sophomore Seminar – Spring 2022
You may not want to be a leader, but it’s too late. Someone, somewhere already considers you a leader in spite of the ideas you may have constructed about yourself.
When I came to understand the idea that leadership emerges from my personality — that it forms itself based on who I am — that old self concept of just being a follower had to change.
You see, I was never one to think of myself as a leader. As a child I was a follower. In my mind, I defined myself as a follower, not as a leader. I considered others to be leaders, but not me — I was the quiet, reliable, encouraging team player who supported leaders behind the scenes.
In reality my “follower” qualities were my “leadership” qualities. I started to see other qualities I’d dismissed as my curious or encouraging nature: the desire to see others get better, excitement about learning and teaching, the willingness to try new things and share my experiences. Listening, thinking, acting, connecting.
Whoah. Why didn’t I see these attributes? Why did I miss these leadership qualities in my own life?
Simple. It’s because I’d created a lens or a filter through which I saw my own life and actions. Because I didn’t consider myself a leader, the things I did with my life weren’t leadership, they were something else. Anything else.
I was and am a leader — I just hadn’t realized it.
Now that I’ve accepted that I’m a leader, I’m thinking like a leader. Not a self-help book or the month leader who simply adopts the latest theory about what a leader should be — rather I’m letting the leader already in me emerge.
Ideas, experiences and practical applications from my life define who I am as a leader. I’m constantly reviewing who I am, striving to improve myself and striving to see others improve through my leadership.
You are a leader, whether you like it or not.
The deeper question is — what will you do about it?  
Using Microsoft Word, write a one page paper on: What will you do now as a leader?