Few Africans history question. Under the *Instructions*

Scholars regarding Human Evolution Out of Africa state From this perspective, all modern Humans are really Africanseven if we are not all black.” (Even the Neanderthals Ancestors came out of Africa originally )   Indeed, more and more scholars are questioning whether there is really any biological basis for what was dubbed race. Please react to the above commentary.  Also why would some people even today resist, be uncomfortable, or not be aware of the idea that Africans developed civilizations, advanced societies,  and viable cultural groupings ?  If we have scientific information and visual evidence that points to Africa being the place where civilizations once thrived and  all human beings began, then why would even some educated people who rely on science & technology every day mistakenly believe that Africans had no history or did not contribute to world development? Discuss how could such misconceptions still occur in modern times? ( 700 words at least are needed to answer this ; 1 page equals 350 College words) Hit Reply on the bottom