Final assignment

The final exam will be a take-home – you will have plenty of time at home. The exam prompt will be made available to you onFriday September 10 at 9am and you will have until Monday September 13 at 9am to upload your final exam to Gauchospace. The prompt as well as the submission portal will be under the “Final Exam” tab. Of course, all the slides will be uploaded by then and you will be able to refer to all the readings and forum posts you and others wrote, to help you with the exam. Make sure you have read and viewed all the materials before the exam so that you do not spend too much time looking for information around Gauchospace.
The final exam is not really here to test how you retained the information or the data but rather to get a sense of what you got out of the class in terms of your ideas and reflections about the themes of the class. The exam will consist of five different parts (four mandatory parts worth 50 points each and one optional extra credit part worth 10 points).

1) The first part will consist of a list of 10 quotes from our readings. You will need to pick 5 of them, identify them, analyze their meaning, and explain their importance within the work they are taken from and what they tell us about Paris as a city that can be the background for various forms of experiences.

2) The second part will be a close textual analysis and will consist of a list of 4 longer passages (2 to 4 pages each). You will need to pick 2 of them and analyze them in as much depth as you can discussing significance, symbolism, representation of Paris, links to the themes studied in this class, metaphors, importance in the rest of the work, etc.

3) The third part will be a close visual analysis and will center on some of the paintings we have studied in this class. You will have 10 different paintings from the artists we have studied in this class and will need to pick 5 of those to analyze – what does the painting represent, from which perspective is Paris represented, what emotional reaction do you have to it as a reader, can we identify anything about the artists within these paintings, and anything else that is important or valuable to understand this painting within the themes that we have studied this summer.

4) The fourth part will be a short essay (but still with intro, body, conclusion; a thesis statement, transition sentences, evidence to support each of your ideas); the length will depend on your argument and topic, probably 800 words minimum but likely longer. You will have three topics and will need to pick one.

5) And the fifth optional extra credit part will consist in a self-reflection of around a page (if you want the maximum points you can have). You will have a list of questions to guide your reflection.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions before or even during the final exam period – as always I am here to help you thrive and although this is a final exam, I will treat part 4 as a third short paper, so if you need help with your thesis statement, intro, conclusion, or anything else, email me! 🙂