For myself It’s been about 2-3 years since I’ve been back to

For myself
It’s been about 2-3 years since I’ve been back to college. Just been working and bundling myself. The reason is I was motivated by my ex-girlfriend. After being together for about 5 years I wanted to show her that I can be more. That our future can be secured, we recently broke up and it kind of shattered me especially since I had gotten a ring and was going ti propose. She said ,“bro move on, we are not getting back together, so move on.” And I felt like it wa like the end of the world. I still have all this love in me for her but now I’ve decided to direct all of heart into school and work. You can’t just roll over and die cause then nobody wins. I was told someone can’t be your everything, they can’t be your whole world and your sole motivation. You have to find other thing s in your life that you love and that motivates you. It sounds easier than done but it’s a lot harder when you’ve fallen in love with someone since middle school, I am a big believer in “if its meant to happen, it’ll happen, maybe not now but you have to be patient.” We are both young and still need to grow as much as it hurts not yo be by your side to watch each other grow. But boy, day by day, when you feel good better things will follow and make you happier. You can’t do things for another person, you gotta do things for yourself. We both did enroll this semester, we are both in the business academy but decided to solely concentrate on school and work. I’ve decided this yoear is about making things happen. So I’m back to school for MYSELF. i’m going to transfer to Baruch and major in marketing. There’s. always a bigger picture in the end. We have to make things happen for ourselves in this world. Whoever reading this I hope you enjoy and feel motivated in a way like I do.