For the Week 3 Work Plan Activity, you will use your project

For the Week 3 Work Plan Activity, you will use your project topic to complete the following tasks for writing your work plan: (Diversity)
NOTE: Refer the information presented on pp. 398-401 in your textbook as a guide to complete this assignment. 
(a) Write a two or three sentence problem statement.
(b) Write a purpose statement that includes the scope, limits, and significance of the problem.
(c) Write the problem question that you are trying to answer through your research.
(d) Provide your planned research strategy that includes the primary and secondary sources you will be using and the methods of data collection.
(e) Create a tentative outline that factors the problem into manageable chunks.
(f) Prepare a work schedule that includes time estimate to complete specific tasks within your project. 
 NOTE: This activity will be useful when you write the introduction section of your final paper.
For this submission, no APA title page or references are required.
Remember, this is an academic assignment, so no “text-talk,” no conversational tone, and ABOVE ALL OTHER THINGS… don’t plagiarize!!  Lastly, spell-check and proofread your work! Failure to follow these steps will negatively impact your grade.
For this course, you will submit the graded activity using Turnitin. An Originality Report will become available within a few minutes after your first submission. Inside the Originality Report will be a Similarity Index. The Similarity Index shows a percentage of the material in your paper which matches other sources found by Turnitin. You will be expected to have a Similarity Index of less than 15%. If your Similarity Index is greater than 15% you will need to review your Originality Report to be sure that you have paraphrased your work appropriately, and cited your sources correctly.
The Originality Report will help you to avoid plagiarism and improve the quality and content of your submission. It is strongly suggested that you keep direct quotations to a minimum, and never copy and paste text without proper citations. You have until the activity due date to resubmit your work, however, there will be a 24-hour delay before the Originality Report becomes available. It is your responsibility to submit your activity on time, with a Similarity Index of less than 15%.
General APA Formatting Guidelines:
The Work Plan Activity does not require an APA title page.  
Font Type: Times New Roman
Font Size: 12 point
Margins: 1 inch on all sides
Spacing: Double-spacing
Justification: Left
Paragraph Indentation: Use the Tab key to indent all paragraphs one half-inch from the left margin