For this assignment, you will write a literature review. Now that you

For this assignment, you will write a literature review. Now that you have found resources related to your research question, the next step is to look further into how they relate to each other and shed light on your research question. For example, as an addictions counselor, you might need to develop a treatment plan that is suited to a particular situation. You will need to turn to the literature to understand what is known and what is not about that situation. Using critical thinking skills, you can find themes and determine what course of action your treatment plan should take. Behavior analysts also rely on the literature to determine evidence-based practices when assessing, setting goals, and developing support plans for clients and students.
Complete the following in your assignment template:
State your research question and explain how it relates to your specialization and professional interests.
“Why is there just a lack of Mental health in a black community? One research topic that caught my attention is the lack of mental health in the black community. This topic is close to my heart because I see it every day in my own family and society. Not enough light and research has been done on this topic. Cultural difference is a topic we learned in this class. The more you are open to other people’s cultures, the more you are aware of yourself and others. In my opinion, culture plays a big part in the lack of mental awareness in black communities. This research topic is relevant to my interest in psychology because I watch the black men and women in my family not being aware of their mental illness and childhood trauma. That is where becoming a therapist someday all started for me. As mentioned earlier, some insights I gained regarding this research, although I wasn’t entirely clueless. One of the reasons mental health is frowned upon in the black culture is that having mental issues shows that you’re weak and can’t take care of yourself or your family. Also, the way society views you in the black community, especially in non-western cultures, plays a big part. In conclusion, the generation that we live in today is more aware than the past generations, but black pain is still not as valid as other races.”
Synthesis of Literature Into a Cohesive Review
In the preparation study in Week 5, you identified at least three key themes, or focuses of inquiry, that are relevant to your research question and present in each article. These themes may be based on:
Related aspects of research questions.
Related or differing conclusions.
Other factors or ideas the studies have in common.
Other points of contrast between the studies.
Restate the conclusions you came to regarding the themes you explored with your research. Support your conclusions by citing your references. However, if you find that more research would be needed to decide a question, briefly outline ideas of how you could undertake that research.