For this course you will be required to write a 5 page

For this course you will be required to write a 5 page paper about a serial killer of your choosing. This paper is due no later than 8/12/21 at noon, however, if you’d like to complete it early and turn it in there will be a dropbox available for you to do so.
As part of the assignment you will identify your serial killer, his or her childhood, crimes that they committed as well as punishment (if any) that they received. You should provide adequate detail to each section of this paper to the extent that if someone had never heard of the killer you picked they could provide this knowledge to someone else.
Childhood: There should be adequate information about where the killer was born, what their household looked like and any trauma that they faced as a child
Crimes that they committed: How many victims they had, how did he or she kill their victims, how did they find their victims
Punishment: Did they claim to have more bodies than they were charged with? Did they receive a life sentence? Did they receive the death penalty? What, if any, was the defense for the killings?
Needs Improvement
Provides adequate information about childhood and the killer’s life growing up. Provides information about the killer’s family and any trauma that the killer reported to having during their childhood.
Provides a decent amount of information about the individual’s childhood but neglects to list information related to either family, trauma or background of the killer
Neglects to provide any thoughtful information about the killer’s childhood or upbringing
Provides detailed accounts of the crimes that the killer committed which includes how the individuals were killed, how many were killed and any supporting documentation (chart to show information about the victims)
Provides information about the victims of the crimes. Does not provide detailed accounts of the victims or how they were picked/killed
Neglects to provide information about the victims of the crimes. Number of victims is identified but nothing further.
Provides detailed information about the defense, how many individuals the killer was convicted of killing, ,what their sentence was and any follow up to the sentence
Provides information about the punishment and follow through but does not provide detailed information about the defense or trial
Neglects to provide much information, if any, about the trial or punishment received. Identifies only length of incarceration or death penalty