Geography Question

Professor instructions: The materials you just reviewed on hydrothermal processes and formations focuses on the “fun” side of the topic: geysers, bubbling mud pots, etc. But there is a very practical and increasingly important side to any discussion on hydrothermal processes: the production of hydrothermal energy. As the global search for “clean” energy becomes increasingly urgent, hydrothermal will certainly be more widely used. And to be clear: Hydrothermal energy is the process of obtaining heat or energy from a large body of water. ( For this assignment you will find one or more articles from the internet, magazine, newspaper, or other popular (non-peer reviewed) source addressing the production of hydrothermal energy at a particular location or facility here in the U.S. or abroad and submit a minimum 500-word essay on that location or facility. Keep in mind that the terms geothermal and hydrothermal do NOT mean completely the same thing, although some geothermal projects include hydrothermal processes. Your selected facility may use the term geothermal provided it is at least partially hydrothermal. As with previous Assignments, your work will be submitted through the plagiarism checking software Turnitin. Any work submitted with a plagiarism score of 25% or over will receive a score of zero. Please do NOT include the assignment topic, your name/date/class information/etc. at the top of your essay; start with any title you may give your essay, and proceed from there. *Turnitin has been set so that bibliographic sources, quoted materials, and phrases of 4 words or less will not be checked, and bibliographic sources will not be counted.