GERM 1027 Essay #3 Tutorial Due Date: March 28 (you must upload

GERM 1027 Essay #3
Tutorial Due Date: March 28 (you must upload your thesis, your outline, and your bibliography to Brightspace)
Thesis Due Date: March 28 (to be emailed to
Essay Due Date: April 10 (to be submitted on Brightspace)
Length: approximately 1,500 words
Here are some possible essay themes:
Justice and Injustice
Innocence and Guilt
The Use (or Misuse) of Parable
Self-esteem and Self-abasement
The Labyrinthine
The Nature of Power and Authority
The Individual and the Collective
Interpretation and Misinterpretation
Meaning and Absurdity
The Trial and the Search for God
Joseph K. and Franz Kafka
The Trial and the Modern World
Choose one theme to pursue. You are allowed to come up with your own, although I would like you to clear it with me first. Essays should be around six pages (not including the title page or bibliography). The themes are deliberately broad, as part of the assignment involves your coming up with a clear, concise, and convincing thesis or argument about your theme in relation to The Trial.
Your essay should have an introductory paragraph that closes
with a proper and specific thesis statement, paragraphs organized around topics that reinforce your thesis, and a strong concluding paragraph.
For this essay I want you to use at least four critical resources, so check with me if you have trouble finding the most appropriate books and/or articles. Because the library is closed, I advise you to make use of the website JSTOR (which is free to access as Dalhousie students) provides thousands of articles on numerous subjects. I will be including a list of critical articles on The Trial that can be accessed via JSTOR, regardless of location. Note: Internet sources such as Wikipedia, Douban, SparkNotes, and CliffsNotes are not critical sources. Please ask me if you have any questions about the validity of a source.
I want you to use the critics to aid your argument, but not to supplant it. Sometimes you may agree with the critic, but your argument is often enhanced by having an opinion to spar against. Be specific, focus in on key scenes or elements, and make sure that your argument is well supported with evidence and quotations from the works. When it comes to quoting from the text, comment on the quotes you use and do not simply allow them to speak for themselves. If you have any questions while writing your essays, or if you would like me to see rough drafts, please let me know
Thesis statements: please email me your thesis statements by March 28th. This is just for me to make sure that you are on the right path with your paper and that you have had a chance to come up with a clear, coherent, and concise argument that can be pursued in an essay. I will give feedback on this, as I want to make sure that everyone does a good job with the question and that finds a good angle with which to pursue it.
Note: while the thesis is not due until the 28th, I very much encourage you to email it to me as soon as you are ready. The more time you have to work on your paper with the proper feedback, the better it will no doubt turn out.