Group Project 3

Overview: Staffing HSOs/HSs with competent employees involve a wide range of centralized activities, programs, and policies related to acquisition, retention and maintenance, and separation of human resources. All managers play a part in and have some degree of responsibility for the staffing function, including selection, performance appraisal, training and development, promotion, discipline, and corrective counseling, and compensation of their employees. Thecontemporary designation for the centralized staffing function is human resources management (HRM) or strategic human resources management (SHRM).
For this phase of the project, you will utilize Figure 11.3 Personnel/Human Resources Management Activities time flow, p. 510 to analyze your HSOs/HSs HRM/SHRM staffing function.
Job Analysis/Job DescriptionsIdentify 4 recently posted job positions by HRM. Provide the following:

Job Analysis

Training needed
Skills needed
Experience needed

To conduct the job analysis for each position found, utilize the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook: (Links to an external site.)

Job Description

Job title
Job Summary
General duties & responsibilities
Supervision given or received
Working conditions

For each of the four positions found, discuss the bulleted points above as provided by HRM.
Recruitment: Explore recruiting of attracting internal & external applicants by HRM

Internally: Job postings, promotion, transfers
Externally: Schools, job fairs, employment agencies, professional associations

*For some of the HSOs, this information may not be accessible. If not, then suggest effective ways to recruit internally and externally*
Retention/Maintenance: Examine HRM maintenance & retention activities

Performance appraisals
Promotion, demotion, transfer
Disciplinary counseling & separation
Compensation administration (describe entry-level, low level, high level, pay, wages & salaries)
Benefits administration (describe benefits provided)
Employee assistance programs
Training & Development programs
Workplace Health & Safety (policies/procedures)

Separation✓   Preretirement Planning

Do they have preretirement  counseling

✓  Outplacement✓   Exit Interview**Discuss the separation activities that apply to the HSO, based upon what you are able to find. not provide outplacement or exit interviews, suggest that they do**
Grading Rubric:


Job Analysis/Job Descriptions




APA format; Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling