Group Project: Business Name and Mission Statement Group members: Shutong Li, Zeyuan

Group Project: Business Name and Mission Statement
Group members:
Shutong Li, Zeyuan Liu, Fan Yang, Bingchen He, Ying Gu
Business Name
“Nature Tastic” Company is a healthy food business selling certified organic food, vegetables, and pantry staples. We have Clean Grocery Experts that approve of our organic produce and products.
The relevance of the business name to you and public
We understand and appreciate the needs of our consumers hence providing 100% certified organic and fresh produce. We do not stock fake healthy. We do not stock manufactured and highly processed products. We endeavor to boost our clients’ confidence to shop whenever and wherever without the worry of checking up on ingredients used. Our name originates from the tasty farm produce and products that we offer our customers.
Our name is also in line with our mission: to reach out to as many people as possible and transform their lives with tasty and organic products. Nature Tastic also has a broader vision which is to operate at the international plane. Our delicious products encourage our customers to eat healthy and organic foods. A common saying in our store is that “Eating healthy is not boring.”  Nature Tastic has something tasty to offer anyone, no matter what you are looking for, ranging from fruit, veg, pet food, and eco-friendly cleaning products. Watch this space for your next favorite with our ever-growing range of products.
Our Mission “To promote healthy living- We are What we Eat.” We believe that going organic is not a lifestyle fad but an excellent opportunity to enhance nutrition and a healthy diet. Because of this belief, our mission is to promote a culture of healthy living within the communities we serve. Going organic is one way to prevent lifestyle diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. We have our customer’s best interests at heart hence promoting a culture of healthy eating to increase their quality of life and live their best possible lives.
​At the core of Nature Tastic is quality; if we attain quality, we can achieve our mission. We value quality and community. Our values drive our mission. These two values can not only be seen in the quality of our products and prices but also the customer service. “We Are What We Eat,” so we strive to expand our service delivery options to ensure that we reach a lot of customers who cannot do in-store shopping. Local deliveries by our young and enthusiastic employees have allowed us to deliver to many community members, even with the COVID-19 restrictions in place. Our goal is to bring the community spirit to as many people as possible.
Mission Statement
How to define a healthy life? We design for you, such as organic, less sugar, low-fat or hypohyaline. To enhance the quality of what we eat. We make life more convenient for customers and make them eat healthier. We combine the ingredients scientifically into healthy packages and provide them to various shopping malls and gyms.
Dietitians customize different packages according to customer demand (fat reduction, muscle gain, office workers, students,children)
The relevance of mission statement to you and public
Children or students in the developmental stage are in need of supplementary nutrition. But some parents don’t have much time to cook for their children because of their work. The production of this kind of package in our company can make it easier for the parents and also children can get more healthy development for their growth.
Employees in the publicity department need to collect data from customers to see what types of packages the public needs in order to promote products. Employees in the after-sales department need to collect feedback to test how effective our packages are. Employees or dietitians in the R&D department need to develop or modify products according to the needs of the public. The pace of development in modern society is very fast, the public is under pressure from work or study, and their own leisure time is not very abundant. Therefore, the public rarely has time to carefully prepare healthy and delicious food for themselves. However, food is necessary for daily life, so we want to help the public save their time in making food without reducing the quality of food. Our lives are surrounded by all kinds of additives. These additives are often high in oil, salt and sugar. This may be the main cause of obesity. In the public, people have a gym, organic supermarket or organic restaurant for people to make their life healthy. Then we make it easier for people. 
Nowadays, health is becoming the point of concern for more people because of the COVID-19. To strengthen the immune system is becoming important. The nutritional balance helps people to achieve this purpose and defend against viruses.