HAMG 1321 Hospitality

MLA format required:
Question 1: Reading chapter 14 on page 560 (200 words minimum) Write an essay, in Word, on a transformational leader you have admired (it doesn’t have to be industry-related, can be a historical figure, can not be yourself). Be sure to identify the qualities that made him/her particularly effective, paying some attention to the distinction between transactional and transformational leadership Question 2: Reading chapter 15 on page 592 (200 words minimum) There is a lot of information about project management and goal setting. It is imperative that we set measurable goals to measure both our successes and our failures.   For this assignment, think about a situation in which you were involved in actively planning, and the goals vs results of the project. It can be job-related, a school or community project, home improvement, or anything which fits. Using Word write a reflection and discuss the successes and failures of the project. Specifically, talk about the purpose, goals vs outcomes, then discuss what changes you would make to the project management plan if you had to do the project again. Question 3: The fast-food industry is very competitive and chains need to know what their competitors are doing or going to do. In this exercise, you will select a fast-food restaurant and conduct a SWOT analysis for that company.